Saturday, April 23, 2011

life's not like a happy ending,,no live happily ever after

happy ending?not suppose to me
fairytale:cinderella-rapunzel-wew..i wish i could be like happily with their couple ever after..happy in dream i think..this is too impossible for me to be like cinderella..please uh,,the prince find us at home? that my crush will grab me back and ask me to marry him? a SILLY SILLY SILLY AND SILLY thinking!so please,stop day-dream and let your guards on reality puteri wahieda!there's a long journey in front of you..many ways,,just choose the best path..hmm,but i scare..too if i choose the wrong one?oh my,,cant bear to face it again..God please,give me strength to face all the possibilities that may happen..sigh


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