Saturday, April 23, 2011

him,mr.? and of course,me

i hate hypocrites..
but now,im the one
im smiling outside
but inside im crying
he always in my mind
how can i forget him huh?
he ruined my life

im hypocrite
i replied him
i gave him my fake smile,fake laugh

last night,u asked me about us
us?sorry but for this
i've to be honest with u
im not the one
i dont love u
n i'll never love u
we're just friend
enough said
i rather being single than in a relationship with bla bla bla
im sick of this silly thing
i just want my old life back
always laughing
n wake up with a big
i dont want to be hurted again
n hurting someone again

to him
conratulations boy
u get a new one
both of us know
she's the best,the one for u
i know she can take cares of u,ur heart more than i did for u before
just enjoying ur life with her
u love the way u choose 
am i right?

to him:i hope u'll always take care of urself n enjoying ur time with her :)
to mr.? love is not for u..u better look for someone that deserve u better :)
to me:try to not be hypocrite after this :)
no love no hurt :)


  1. be storng okay,dont be hypocrite,thats for sure,but sometimes we cant avoid to be,we hate somethg but hv to like it,we like something but hv to hate it..just be happy...single is not that bad:)

  2. yup2..single is better i think..kempen anti couple for 1 yaer is back..thz year aq x taw jd k x..slame nim 2 kli da aq bwat..p x jd gak..haha


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