Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i try , i hope , but i can't

we used to be together before . and now you left me behind and it's hurting me  . u break your promises , you dump me , even when i'm begging you to give me the second chance , you feel nothing right ? such a waste . i really don't know how i can be so silly just because of person like you .

till now i don't know what happen to you and i don't know why you want to break off with me . you know that you are everything to me . and you know that for the rest all my life , i can't forget you . never . you know that . you know how i am when i start loving someone .

now , it's october . almost six months . alhamdulillah , i'm better than before . thanks my family , thanks my friends . all of you are the best in my life . always be by my side whenever i need your shoulder to cry on .  i have to move on no matter what . focus on study . make my parents proud of me .

yeah i know . i also can't remember how many times i keep saying MOVE ON . if you were in my shoes , you will know how i feel . once your heart is hurting , the scars is permanent .

more i write about him , more i remember him but he does not remember me at all . silly .

i hope one day you'll read this and realize how much you've hurt me . 

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